How NOT to fold your pocket square

If you google pocket square,  you'll be fed a list of results about "how to fold a pocket square".  There are apparently half a dozen ways to wear this sartorial detail in your blazer pocket (although if you read our previous post : Four Ways to Wear a Pocket Square, you know a blazer is not the end-all for the pocket square).  Well, we beg to differ.


There are plenty of foreign-manufactured silk pocket squares out there, just waiting to be turned into pocket fans or pocket poofs. If you like that sorta thing.


Our pocket squares were not intended to look like a poof. Or a fan. They sit squarely in your pocket, ready to work if called upon. That's why we use a mix of materials such as flannel, wool, cotton and canvas when crafting our pocket squares.  One of our favorites is the Paul Bunyan II (pictured right)which features a french ticking stripe on a stiff canvas-the perfect blend of form + function. Just try and make a poof out of that guy.


So, feel free to just tuck your pocket square in the pocket you-tube tutorials necessary.