custom wedding party package

-why you want a custom package-

Gone are the days when the groom's getup was an afterthought . Our custom wedding packages can be perfectly tailored to your wedding. Whether you're looking for a small wedding party or something much bigger, make sure that the groom and his groomsmen stand out from the rest. We also offer accessories for the bride + her bridesmaids to match.

-what we offer-

New York to Nashville offers completely customizable wedding packages that can include any or all of the following: pocket squares, suspenders, cufflinks, tie tacks and bow ties, infinity scarves +matching earrings. The combination is completely up to you.

-wedding pricing-

Wedding prices are offered on orders of 4+ of the same piece.  There is an additional flat $30 rate for sourced custom fabrics (anything not available on our site).

on orders of 4 or more:

  • pocket squares: $23 (from $27)
  • cufflinks : $30 (from $35)
  • suspenders: $30 (from $35)
  • earrings: $15 (from $18)
  • bow ties: $45 (from $55)
  • tie tacks: $12 (from $15)
  • infinity scarves: $35 (from $40)


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photo courtesy of Jenna Henderson Photography

photo courtesy of Jenna Henderson Photography