Don't Put Your Brand on a Paperweight

I don't know what it is about most companies, but they really love putting their name on a paperweight. Or an envelope opener.  They always put it on a pen, and sometimes a frisbee.  

There's a better way to market your brand-- and it's by putting your company name on something beyond office supplies or junk toys. Those mass-produced, off-shored pieces of plastic tell your audience that you value  bulk pricing over quality  and generic neon green junk over time-invested tailoring to your brand.  Back away from the lanyards and hear us out.

New York to Nashville is proud to launch our brand collaboration project. We now offer brands the opportunity to have an exclusive limited-run of pocket squares. How will you use your branded, limited run? 

  •  generate buzz about your company or a website relaunch
  • sell in your store as custom items
  • give as employee gifts
  •   use in giveaways
Say no to junk branding!    

Say no to junk branding!  

Our collaborated pocket squares feature:

  • A custom pocket square label that reads New York to Nashville + (Your Brand) 
  • Limited run amounts in your custom quantity
  • Assistance in finding the fabric that works best for your company + message
  • When the project is launched, we will gladly share the collaboration  with our audience

Contact Danielle at howdy{at} for more information and to get your brand logo off a paperweight and onto a pocket square!