In Tennessee, take the long way home

Perhaps the thing I love the most about Nashville is actually what is just outside of Nashville. On this particular morning, I only meant to stop at a friend's house and come right home, but instead of heading back on the highway, I decided to take a new  route back.

One Tennessee back road led to another, and almost 50 miles later, I found myself at a quintessential small town general store.  The crooked wooden shelves stored oil cans next to tinned fish and twinkies, and that was my cue to start looking around. These old general stores are full of surprises, but I was still surprised to stumble upon a perfectly weathered vintage buffalo plaid shirt.

It was next to a pile of dusty but new cowboy hats--laying there ruggedly folded and ignored for far too long. Was it for sale? Well, the shopkeeper said everything was, so he 'sposed I could have it.

  Our red and black buffalo plaid pocket squares tell the story of the shirt they came from--and hopefully they will remind you to sometimes take the long way home.