A Tale of Two Squares

When I started making pocket squares last year, there were not many retailers pushing them like they are now.  I fell in love with them after seeing an old painting with a gentleman nonchalantly wearing a pocket square, and became adamant about bringing them back to mainstream fashion. There is something awfully convenient about them, and just think about how they completely brighten a shirt or jacket- the perfect blend of form + function.

With the influx of brands getting on board, one thing I have noticed are some retailers differentiating between "hankies" or "pocket squares". I'm befuddled; should I have started NY to Nashville Handcrafted Hankies? I am a sucker for alliteration after all.

Yet,  when I think of a hankie, I often think of someone pulling out a wadded ball of linen from their pocket, blowing their nose and shoving the ever-dirty wad back in their pocket. They might even try to wipe your face with it after all of that.  A pocket square is  the more distinguished, put-together of the two brothers. The brother who always had on a clean shirt, a tidy face, and a penchant for poetry. Or at least that's how it seems to me.